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Physical Theater Festival Chicago is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023. Stay Tuned for more programming in this Winter and Spring 2024. 

This fall PTF partnered with Destinos, Chicago Latino Theater Festival to present our first Scratch Night focusing on Chicago's Latine Artists. From October 26-28 PTF co-presented with Northwestern University, Wirtz Center its first ever fall full length show "Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer" by Altered Skin/Shane Shambhu (UK). 

Our Summer Festival happened from July 8-16 at Nichols Park, Theater Wit, Aloft Circus Arts and Segundo Ruiz Belvis Center in Chicago. The 9 day festival featured physical theater shows, a film screening, workshops and panels from around the world and right here in Chicago.

The 10th Edition of Physical Theater Festival is only possible through the generosity of major collaborators like The Chicago Latino Theater Alliance and Northwestern University; our producer's board and the generous contributions of individuals like you. Please consider making a donation to help make Physical Theater Festival possible for years to come.

Dedication to Paola Coletto


We would like to dedicate the 10th edition of the Festival to our dear, beloved friend, colleague and mentor, Paola Coletto. Sadly, she passed away this year and her absence is being felt around the globe by all those who were lucky enough to know her. Paola had such an incredibly positive impact upon the Chicago physical theater community and upon the so many students who got the chance to study with her. We are thankful for everything she gave us including joy, curiosity and a deeply held sense of community.

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