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Perhaps, Perhaps... Quizás

by Chula, The Clown (Mexico) 

Presented by BorderLight Theatre Festival


July 18, 19 & 20 at Instituto Cervantes, 31 W Ohio, Chicago 60654


Validated Parking: Instituto Cervantes has a parking validation machine at the front desk for the GRAND PLAZA parking garage.

Here is a link with the details:

60 min / Ages +10

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If at first you don ́t succeed, try again... and again... and again.

Perhaps, Perhaps... Quizás is a heart-wrenching as well as hilarious clown piece that plays with the idea of ​​waiting, the hope to find the “perfect” man and the loneliness that this entails when one is so imperfect. In a time where the pressure of time and the lack of hope in oneself are imminent, our protagonist Greta rehearses once a week for the big day, the wedding day. Will she be lucky tonight? Perhaps, Perhaps… Quizás.

...Quizas premiered in New York in 2010 and since then has been performed around the world to various clown and theatre festivals in New York, Brazil, Colombia, Georgia, France, Spain, UK and Sweden. Described as “at once beautifully poignant as it is hilarious” Munõz moves her audience through pathos to humour, keeping her audience on the edge of their seats as they move between her reality and her imagination (Café des Artistes).


Gabriela has a variety of experience in theater, circus and opera. She finished her studies at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) based on Jacques Lecoq ́s pedagogy, following a 2-year postgraduate course and a year course at the School of Physical Theatre in London.

In 2010, she created “Perhaps Perhaps Quizás”, her first clown show. 

…Quizas premiered in 2010 and since then it has been performed around the world to various clown and theater festivals in America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, China, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and UK.

Described as “at once beautifully poignant as it is hilarious” Muñoz moves her audience through pathos to humor, keeping her audience on the edge of their seats as they move between her reality and her imagination (Café des  Artistes).

In 2015, with the support of EFI TEATRO, INBA and Co Productions she premiered her second creation, “Limbo”, in Mexico City. Limbo has been performed at Teatro Milan and Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in collaboration with Grammy winners Natalia Lafourcade and Ernesto García.

In 2016 she was part of the documentary Witkin on Witkin about Joel Peter Witkin ́s “Pollock Agonistes”.

In 2019 she created DIRT!, which was nominated for a City Award for best show and in 2020, as a celebration of her 10 years as a clown, she published a book (CHULA THE CLOWN) edited by Sicomoro Ediciones, awarded with the national prize of graphic arts. That same year she received a medal for her international merit by the Congress of Mexico City in the field of cultural promotion.

Alongside conductor Alondra de la Parra, she created The silence of sound, a symphonic show for clown and orchestra. SOS premiered at Festival PAAX 2022 in Mexico with the Impossible Orchestra and followed a successful tour at Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and San Luis Potosí. In November 2022 She performed SOS at Baluarte with the Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. In September 2023, she performed SOS at the Admiralspalast in Berlin with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra.


Gabrielas fourth solo show, Julieta, premiered in Germany with the support of FONCA, MICC (International Contemporary Circus Market) and in co-production with Chamäleon Theater Berlin, TOHU Montréal and Ruhrfestpiele, Recklinghausen. All the music in the show consists of original songs composed by Natalia Lafourcade.




Performances of 

Perhaps, Perhaps...Quizás

at Instituto Cervantes

31 W. Ohio Street. Chicago IL 60654
(+1) 312-335-1996 

Workshop Offering


Taught by Gabriela Muñoz

July 18



"With her whimsical aesthetic, Muñoz transports us to a magical world with her shows, performances, and visual artistry."
The Guardian

"It is brave, it is well-crafted, it is side-splittingly funny, and it is sad. It is wonderful."

Theatreview NZ

"Exceptionally original. Extraordinarily funny."

The Dominion Post NZ

"Hilarious and heart wrenching, a crowning clowning achievement."

Australian Stage

"How hard is it to love a dreamer? We love Gabriela Muñoz."

Kulturhuset Stockholm

"She steps into a world of lace, chintz and discarded paper dressed like the soulful counterpart to Helena Bonham-Carter's Queen of Hearts, and proceeds to win ours."

Fest Magazine

"Gaby Muñoz has a gift for challenging our preconceptions and entertaining with something fresh and alternative."

Broadway Baby

"A passionate play dealing with love, loneliness and longing from this wonderful clown."

Show Business Weekly, NY


"A master class in skill."

Sydney Arts Guide

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