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 You Can Move Us!  

Love what we're doing? Be a part of Physical Theater Festival by donating today!

Physical Theater Festival is made possible because of the generous donations of our partners and friends. If you enjoy our work, please consider being a part of making it happen, by donating today.


All Donations are Tax-deductible...

What your gift makes possible…


Helps our visiting artists get around town while they are in Chicago


Covers the cost of shipping luggage, sets and costumes for the performance


Underwrites a night of housing for a visiting company

Helps us pay the amazing artists who bring these shows to life


Supports international travel for visiting artists 

We appreciate your donation at any level you deem appropriate.


For DONATION CHECKS, please send to:

"Physical Theater Festival"

1403 West Wolfram Street

Chicago, IL 60657

A big THANK YOU to our 2023 Producer's Circle:


Elise and Ira Frost

Josh and Jess Frost

Maggie Kast

Lauren Schrero and Adam Levy

Pat Yuzawa-Rubin and Jack Rubin

Laura and Michael Werner

The Producer’s Circle supports Physical Theater Festival Chicago (PTFC) in its mission to make Chicago a home for local, national and international physical theater. Members of the Producer’s Circle are tasked with raising funds through a “give or get” model to support the annual summer Festival. Producer's Circle members enjoy a close relationship with the Festival’s curators.


If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member of the Producer’s Circle, please contact us directly at

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