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by DV8 (UK)

July 17   

40 min 

*DV8’s archive is being held at the:‘University of Bristol Theatre Collection’

 The archive catalogue reference is: ‘DV8/2/6/6/1’

JULY 17 at 9PM

This free screening will take place at Theater Wit


The Cost of Living is a British physical theatre dance film made in 2004 by DV8 Films Ltd. and Channel 4. It is an adaptation of a stage production by DV8 Physical Theatre. Directed by Lloyd Newson, the founder of DV8 Physical Theatre, the film uses dance, dialogue and physical theatre to tell the story of two street performers and their interaction with other performers in Cromer, a seaside resort town, at the end of the summer season. The film has won a number of awards.

The principal characters Dave (David Toole) and Eddie (Eddie Kay) are out of work performers in a seaside resort at the end of the summer. Dave is a double amputee dancer determined to keep his independence in spite of his disability, Eddie is a tough, aggressive character who believes in justice and respect. Through a series of scenes and dances Dave and Eddie encounter and interact with other people living on the fringe of society.

The film was well received by critics and also won a number of awards at film festivals in various countries.

The cast are:

  • Eddie Kay

  • David Toole

  • Vivien Wood

  • Tanja Liedtke

  • Rowan Thorpe

  • Kareena Oates

  • Tom Hodgson

  • Jose Maria Alves

  • Robin Dingemans

  • Eddie Nixon

The characters use the actors' actual first names.

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