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Scratch Night

Monday, June 4th at 7pm

Hosted by Marvin Quijada

All performances are at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

Scratch Night is a showcase of what is brewing in Chicago’s physical theatre scene. Eight local artists/companies present ten minutes of new, experimental work.

Scratch Night 2018 will be hosted by Marvin Quijada.

Scratch Night


Scratch Night

Keep your Guard Up

The Dolphin Show

Love Hurts

The Archons


by Nelia Miller

Cetology is a one-woman storytelling performance using theater, dance, song/vocalization, sound design, and projection. The story examines the destructive and nurturing forces of human nature through the stories of Jonah's whale and Moby Dick in a visceral interdisciplinary audience experience.

Love Hurts

by C:DC Comedy Dance Collective

A comedy-dance exploration into the adorable pros and devastating cons of cuddling.

Keep Your Guard Up, Smitty Harbinger

by Tim Campos

Smitty's Lunch Break is a portion from the full length play, Keep Your Guard Up, Smitty Harbinger, written and performed by Tim Campos and directed by Tonika Todorova. In this silent play, inspired by the great slapstick comedies of the 1920s, guard booth operator, Smitty Hargbinger, attempts to eat his lunch while maintaining his duties and operating the lift gates. Everything that can go wrong for the solitary booth operator, does. Keep Your Guard Up, Smitty Harbinger will receive its premier this Summer at the Den Theatre in Chicago from July 19-22. More info can be found at

The Archons

by Cult(ure) of Clowns

Cult(ure) of Clowns proudly presents their first ever initiation ceremony! That’s right, the doors of salvation have swung open and you are welcome, all are welcome! Come join us as our humble heroes open their humble arms into a humble embrace, and save you…humbly.

It Takes Two:

by Chesa Greene

Bah, an aggressively grumpy male clown goes about his days hating everyone and everything, until he meets his soulmate Flower, a sweet yet raunchy lady clown. Bah does everything he can to win the affections of Flower but she is either unamused or offended. Unable to contain his emotions, he begins to pump a balloon as a sign of his love and lust for her. Unfortunately Bah pumps his balloon so hard that it pops. He is shocked and horrified at what has just happened. Flower on the other hand is completely exhilarated by the whole experience and falls immediately in love with him.

The Dolphin Show

by David Gordezky

The title says it all. David recreates the sense of amazement and unbridled joy of watching dolphin shows at the aquarium. The Dolphin Show is a return to that pure childhood magic for those who have seen one, and a guilt-free substitute for those who haven’t. But he’ll need your help! He’s got the dolphin... and not much else.


by Jean Carlos Claudio

Salvador is an inventor, a genius that has been living for a long time isolated from new adventures. His obsession with creating an apparatus that allow him to collect his memories, has consume his entire time and retaining him to obtaining new memories. But at what cost? How many memories can he collect? How is he going to preserve them? He’s going to collect his most precious moments of his life inside light bulbs with the help of a helmet that rip off his memories in order to preserve them.

MARI/MANGO: a jekyll and hyde story with CURVES

by Mari DeOleo

MANGO is a grotesque buffoon that has been slicing up fans for two years in the Chicago area and she would bring that comedic deliciousness to Scratch Night. MARI on the other hand is a wide eyed, naive clown. This piece is an exploration of this two characters and the place where they meet one another.

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