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Scratch Night 

Hosted by Matt Roben

The Show:

We give 6 theater companies/artists 10 minutes to show what they are working on. Come take a look behind the curtain and witness what's next in contemporary, physical and visual Theater in Chicago.

The Wheel of Fortune

by Flora Bare

How much are we just a puppet to the wheel of fortune that is our life? A 50's housewife struggles with the wheel she finds herself spinning in, but has that cycle of entrapment really stopped turning?What do we do to not let life's fortune pass us by?

Happy Dance

by Andy Knuth

Andy Knuth stars as a happy-go-lucky clown who's impulsivity runs amuck in an array of comedy. Wildy waggish one moment, worthlessly weeping the next, he takes the audience on a ride of mishaps, accidents, and absurdity that's not to miss.


by Leana Savoie

Victoria is a seemingly prim and proper child, but through her dolls and her relationship to them-- we see her dark side emerge. The audience gets to experience her playtime in the nursery.

The Flower

by The Narteks

"The Flower" is a love story performed in stylized, cartoonishly large bodies. In it, we meet Selma and Constantino, two lonely strangers in the big city who don't quite fit in. When they meet each other for the first time, it's love at first sight. But things take a turn for the worse as the City itself seems conspire against their union. Can they find a way to be together? “The Flower” is a suspenseful and comedic look at love and the obstacles in between us and the ones we cherish.

The Year That Would Not Begin 

Conceived/Directed by Kacie Smith & Choreographed by Carson Reiners 

A devised dance theatre piece exploring fantasy and depression, dedicated to all the folks sitting on their couches waiting for their super powers to be revealed. .

Meet Gwen

By Brian Byrne

Gwen is a comedic storyteller. In this piece she introduces herself and takes us along on a couple of her latest mishaps. 







Photos by Dan Plehal

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