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by Theatre Lumina (USA)

Marrano, A Tale From The Inquisition

 (US Preview) 

 by LaPercha Teatro (Israel/Spain)

 20 minutes

 Age Guidance: 12+

From July 16 to July 24

20 min preview of the show is available on this page for free.


On Tuesday, July 19th at 3 pm CST /

10 pm Spain /11 pm Israel


@physicalfestival/ @laperchateatro


For the first time, Physical Theater Festival is giving audiences an opportunity to engage with an international company long before they arrive in Chicago. In advance of their anticipated visit to Chicago, LaPercha Teatro are virtually sharing a preview of their show. They will also be joining us for a Live Online Conversation. Watch the clip and come get to know one of the companies Physical Festival wants you to know about!

About the Show:

In the year 1485, the city of Zaragoza witnessed one of the most horrific crimes in its history. Whilst praying in the cathedral, Pedro de Arbués, the Inquisitor of Aragón, was murdered in cold blood by a group of anonymous assassins.
Our story begins by asking ourselves about the identity and the motives of one of the assassins: Diego de Sevilla, previously known as Uriel. A simple man, son of a shoemaker, whose life changed radically when religious intolerance and fanaticism stripped away all he ever cherished: his faith, his family, his culture.

Written and Devised by LaPercha Teatro (Israel/Spain)

Featuring Pablo Calvo, Alex Castineiras, Raquel Uceda, Maria Peluzzo and Idan Yecheli.


LaPercha Teatro

LaPercha Teatro was born in September 2020, although the seed of the project appears during the training process at the Mar Navarro and Andrés Hernández International Theater School (2018-2020), based on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, and whose particularity is precisely the collective creation as a way of thinking and doing theater. This is where the five members of the company coincide. All from different origins, they decide to stay in Madrid with the idea of ​​bringing together the classic and the contemporary through diverse theatrical languages.

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