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Mariposa Nocturna: A Puppet Triptych

Portmanteau (Chicago)

Conceived and created by Stephanie Díaz

Directed by Jessica Mondres

Original Music by Barry Bennett

Film by Jessica Mondres

Performed by Stephanie Diaz, Jessica Mondres, Jazmin Corona, Kristen King and John Taflan

Tuesday, June 6th at 7pm

Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm

All performances are at Stage 773

(1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

A child’s wish to a Guatemalan folk saint for her dying grandmother to have “a happy sleep” results in a bawdy, Japanese shadow-dream. A pair of bird-headed spinsters suddenly find themselves custodians of a large, glowing egg. A lonely toy carriage embarks upon a jaunty odyssey in search of buried dreams. Employing handcrafted tabletop and shadow puppets, featuring original music and stop-motion film, and showcasing precise, artful manipulation, Mariposa Nocturna explores loss, longing and rebirth in this gently humorous, darkly beautiful and emotionally resonant production.

Not suitable for audiences under age 8

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