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written and performed by Laura Simms

Directed by Naomi Newman of A Traveling Jewish Theater, CA. (New York)

90min with a short intermission


“Engrossing one-person show ingeniously blends myth and memory... Laura Simms achieves a universal significance that mirrors the wisdom and simple beauty of one of Scheherzade's tales with the evocative force of the storytellers voice" 

The Guardian, SF


“Simms is a spinner of tales par excellence, changing her voice and body language to fit whatever character is speaking at the time. ..   The storyteller transforms bits of ordinary life into myth through language and metaphor that transcends the everyday..”  

Jewish Bulletin, SF


“Storyteller Laura Simms tells outrageous tales of coming of age in Brooklyn juxtaposed with stories from around the world.”  

San Francisco Chronicle



The Show:

An old Maori woman said, "I know why you are telling stories. You are trying to call your ancestors to you.” A childhood in post-holocaust Brooklyn launches Laura Simms on a remarkable global search for reconciliation. This personal, poignant and generously funny performance mixes autobiography with a wild fairytale from 6th century Babylon and seeks to show how the story we live can be reconciled with history, meaning and kindness.


The Artist:

Laura Simms is a storyteller, actress, writer and advocate for engaged story as compassionate action. She has performed and taught worldwide for the last 35 years.  this is the third one woman show combining myth and personal story for adult audiences.  She is the recipient of grants, and honors. Presently she is working on a new piece called She Who Brings Peace To the World;  works with NGO’s and Organizations that address some of the most penetrating issues of our times.  Her most recent book OUR SECRET TERRITORY is hailed as “the best book ever written about storytelling.”  Most recently she performed How to Find Romania at the Barbican Theater in London, Provincetown Theater in NY and for the anniversary of Crystal Nacht in Aachen, Germany.

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