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The Clown Body

Taught by CENIZAS (Argentina)


Monday,  June 3rd


Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

Workshop fee: $50

Planning on attending multiple workshops? Consider purchasing a workshop pass.

The performer’s pleasure of play and the rigor of their technique are at the heart of creating physical theatre. In this workshop, we will explore how movement, timing, and the articulation of the body can focus attention on stage and elicit different reactions in the audience. Through various exercises, improvisations and play, we will draw inspiration from materials, elements, animals, and emotions for developing characters and how they move and react. Although we will concentrate on the ”technique” of how things, animals or emotions may move, we will seek to go beyond a technical study in order for these forms to come alive and tell stories in the theatrical space through the sensitivity and play from the performer. Based on the Lecoq pedagogy, the workshop aims to increase the performer’s presence on stage as well as their ability and awareness of creating a dramatic space through movement.

The workshop is aimed for anyone who is interested in movement based theatre.

H. K is a clown, physical performer and circus artist. She has performed in various productions and festivals internationally eg. in Finland, Estonia, Germany, Austria, UK and in the USA. She is a member of the internationally acclaimed physical theatre company Kallo Collective and currently performs in the shows ”Helga” and ”Sandbox”. She also collaborates with Finnish circus and mask theatre companies, e.g. Teatteri Metamorfoosi. Henni has studied movement based theatre in Helikos International School for Theatre Creation in Italy, following the Lecoq pedagogy. Henni is an experienced teacher and frequently teaches clown and physical theatre workshops. Henni works also as a hospital clown (Giggle Doctor) in the UK and her article about hospital clowns’ interaction will be published in a peer reviewed journal in 2019.

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