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Scratch Night 2014

Hosted by Sammy Tramp

The Show:

We give 6 theater companies/artists 10 minutes to show what they are working on. Come take a look behind the curtain and witness what's next in contemporary, physical and visual Theater in Chicago.

Beach Party at the End of the World

Directed by Thom Pasculli / Story by Kendra Miller / Choreography by Lyndsay Kane, Kasey Foster, Josh Anderson, Camille L’Italien, and Al Evangelist.

Inspired by the sun, Lake Michigan, and 60’s Beach Party films, Walkabout Theater has teamed up with over 30 Chicago performers and 5 of its hottest choreographers to create a retro guerrilla spectacle for our neo-tropical beaches.  Walkabout will be making an unannounced tour of Chicago’s sandy coastline to surprise and delight beach goers with 60’s mad-cap dances, live music, human pyramids, hula-hoops and more.  Coming to a beach near you, Friday - Sunday, August 1-10.  

3 Nursery Tales as Told by Louise and Bud

Created and Performed by Jenelle Cheyne and Chad Hauge

Louise and Bud have been performing together for years, but The Physical Theatre Festival marks their first professional performance. They have always had a passion for storytelling and so tonight they are elated to share three of their favorite nursery rhymes with you in hopes that you enjoy them too.


 Karen Yates’ movement-theater work Amok, devised with her ensemble Sky Area Ten, uses movement, text, digital sound and gamelan music to examine modern geoscience, Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, the 1883 explosion of Krakatoa, and global capitalism. Performing tonight, in an excerpt entitled "The Dream of the Volcanologist," is Bryan Bosque ["Bos-SKAY"]], Rinska Carrasco-Prestinary, and Carrie Drapac ["DRAY-pack"], with sound design by Thomas Dixon. Amok will have its workshop performance Sept 26-28 at Links Hall as part of a LinkUP residency. Amok is partially supported by a Puffin Foundation Ltd. grant and an Illinois Arts Council grant.


Fantasy Island Hula

 A very early look at an untitled work in progress inspired by an episode of Fantasy Island (the early 80’s television show), that explores the sinister threat of spirit doubles and the power of adolescent female sexuality. Written by Ruth Margraff, directed by Kate Hendrickson, music composed by Nikos Brisco and developed through a uniquely collaborative process with the actors of Trap Door Theater, the piece will premiere at Trap Door Theatre in 2016.


Les Trois

Les Trois is a clown trio made up of Amber Page, Andy Knuth, and Nathaniel Niemi. These three clowns began performing together about a year ago. Les Trois performed last summer at Figment Performing Arts Festival and since then various clown and sketch/improv revues. Individually they have been seen performing around Chicago in many different genres of the performance. This piece, entitled All American is a mash up of American patriotism and impish tomfoolery.


If You Lived Here, You'd be Home Right Now 

Created and Performed by Skye Fort

 Using text from interviews with the 33 Chilean Miners who were trapped for 69 day in 2010, this piece explores themes of  darkness and solitude: literal, emotional, physical, real, imagined, personal and public. When and why should we climb down, and what are we climbing down to? 


Questionable Acts

 Truth.  Lies.  Complicité.  Aliases.  Anarchists.  Bowlers.  Cassette tapes.  Nooses.  Nudity.  Recognitions.  Shadows.  Steamer Trunks.  Violence.  Ventriloquism.  Interrupting Pizzas.  Absolutely Maybe.  Sometimes always.  (Almost Definitely) Questionable Acts is the recognition between two people of something familiar or two self-portraits that become a duet.  It might be the story of two people who love each other very much.  Or maybe hate each other very much.  It is almost a play.  It is definitely a devised, absurdist, performer-propelled neo-vaudeville by CB Goodman & Josh Rice. 

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