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Instagram Talk with Shane Shambu

Sunday July 9th

12pm Chicago time/ 6pm UK

Shane is the creative Director of Altered Skin an international, multi-lingual physical theatre company that shares transcultural narratives by merging artforms and cultures from global perspectives.

As a pioneering company leading the way with fresh, new theatrical explorations of the South Indian dance language of bharatanatyam, we deliver high quality artistic productions, performances and participatory projects that instigate new thinking around transcultural identities.

Shane is a writer, theatre director and award winning choreographer. Drawing on his skills as an actor and dancer, he seamlessly integrates different artistic disciplines and languages. Shane brings a unique perspective to his creative practice, that stems from his embodied knowledge of the Indian performing art of bharatanatyam combined with his experience of contemporary theatre and participatory projects.


In October 2023 Shane will be performing his  show Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer in Chicago, a collaboration between Northwestern University and Physical Theater Festival. 

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