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Physical Festival is pleased to offer workshops with visiting and local artists during the festival. Hone your skills, add to your artistic toolbox, pique your curiosity, and meet physical theatre practitioners in an engaging setting. 


Physical Festival workshops
Physical Festival Workshop
Physical Festival's workshops

2018 Physical Festival Workshops

Bouffon Workshop

​Sunday, June 3rd 10am-1pm

Eric Davis (New York, US)

Red Bastard

Sculpting Space

Monday, June 4th 10am-1pm

Dorie Kinnear & Will Pinchin (UK/USA)

From Theatre Temoin & Grafted Cede Theatre 

Dreams, Wishes, Lies

Wednesday  June 6th 10am-1pm

Michael Montenegro (Chicago, USA)

From Theatre Zarko

2018 Physical Festival Events

Meet the Curators

Saturday  June 9th 3pm

Julia Mayer has a conversation with Alice da Cunha & Marc Frost

Create Your Own Solo

Thursday June 7th 10am-1pm

Gael Le Cornec & Ben Samuels 


From the Inside Out- Dance/Physical Theater Guided Improv

Friday June 8th 10am-12pm

Leon Kupferschmid (Canada, Israel)

Top Talent Scout from Cirque du Soleil

Comedy & Clowning

Saturday June 9th 10am-1pm

Little Soldier Productions


Brazilian Party

Saturday  June 9th 8pm

Join us for a meet and greet and Brazilian inspired refreshments after "The Other" on June 9th. Reception sponsored by: Partners of the Americas, Mostra-Brazilian Film Series, Tica's Sweets and Bellina Caetano.

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