The Pleasure of Playing

Taught by Angela de Castro (Brazil)

Friday, June 7th


Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

Workshop fee: $50

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In the beginning there was Play

...and Play is everything! Play is at the heart of clowning. For performers, actors and clowns it is important to keep the state of playfulness fresh and alive, to feed the soul and keep it light.

It is fundamental for clowns/performers to exercise the mind, the body and the spirit. The Spirit is often overtaken by the physical and intellectual demands of the job. Very often, it is the clown techniques that get the focus. However, what is a clown/performer without a soul? Without a spirit? How important it is not to forget that our souls need as much training and feeding as our bodies and minds?

Using simple games and light exercises, “The Pleasure of Playing” will liberate the imagination and brings participants a new burst of energy, focus and awareness.

Based on collective non-competitive games, this structured and surprisingly thought-provoking workshop became a must for clowns of all disciplines.

Angela de Castro is one of the most loved women clowns. She is a leading theatre practitioner, actor, teacher, director and speaker. Her performances and methodology have been well recognised in the UK and abroad, awarding her, among a few, a Lawrence Olivier Award (UK), the Golden Nose Award (Spain), the Nesta Dreamtime Fellowship, an Arts Foundation Fellowship and an International Fellowship by Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama for her contribution on the art of clowning. Angela de Castro has been teaching her master classes extensively all over the world.

Theatre clowning is a life’s passion and way of life for de Castro. She doesn’t stop working. She is completely dedicated and committed to her work. She is always working on shows, directing and mentoring other companies, developing her own clowns’ personas and learning how to play the ukulele. When she has some free time, she can be seen browsing around street markets, riding her beloved motorbike and feeding the ducks in the park near her house.

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