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by Bare Theater (Chicago, USA)


Table for Two

   by Bare Theater (Chicago, USA)

   60 minutes


Physical Theater Festival created the Fresh Look Series to give the opportunity to a Chicago company that we admire to perform a full length show that hasn't had a full run previously. Our Fresh Look piece for 2020 is "Table For Two" from Bare Theater.

"Once upon a time there was a woman and a man. For clarity’s sake, we will call them Mr. and Mrs. They were in love and because of that, they decided to marry one another. And for the sake of all of you, let's just say this love story does not end well."

Tuesday, July 14th, at 7pm

Wednesday, July 14th, at 7pm

All performances are at Theater Wit
(1229 W. Belmont Ave.)

Bare Theater creates physically daring theater. We tell stories starting with the movement, utilizing all the tools we have such as acrobatics, dance, puppetry, text and song. When we move, we hope the audience will be move as well.

Workshop Offering

Taught by Bare Theater (Chicago, IL)


Wednesday July 14th

10am to 1pm

For more information on Physical Festival workshops, click here.

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