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3 minutes Episodes

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Single Shoe Productions returns to Physical Theater Festival with #TakeUsThere


Is there someplace you miss? Somewhere you were supposed to be?


Across the world, our lives have been put on hold. For us, that’s meant everything from touring schedules to even a family wedding. So we are embarking on homemade travels.

We invite you on a journey of the imagination as we recreate the places we miss using household objects and we want you to join us in our travels by making your own creations.

Be our guest in the series. Simply take a photo or record a video of your own creation and send it to Submissions deadline is on August 7. The Last episode will be available on August 12.

Bring yourself closer to the places that give you joy and #TakeUsThere.

Single Shoe Productions

We are an international theatre company founded by immigrants whose mission is to create theatrical experiences that challenge boundaries, explore the connections that hold us together and celebrate our common humanity, regardless of where we come from.

We are committed to the radical belief that we are all connected. We believe all people have a shared connection, from the richest to the poorest, the most profane to the most devout, the most conservative to the most liberal. This connection, when discovered, reminds us that there is always hope.

In our work, we combine visual storytelling, physical comedy and a love for the absurd to create and tour original theatre for universal audiences. The work we create privileges an ever-evolving array of visual theatrical forms, including mime, magic, projections and soundscapes. While our work uses language, it is not the primary method of story telling. Our central focus is on what physically happens on stage. This has allowed us to tour our accessible theatre work all around the UK, US and Europe. These tours have included performing and teaching in remote rural communities where there is limited provision and reduced access to high quality contemporary theatre.

twitter - @Single_Shoe, facebook - singleshoeproductions, instagram - @single_shoe, youtube - singleshoeprod

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