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She Pick The Speed

She Pick the Speed

by The Era Footwork Crew (Chicago)

45 minutes

Saturday, July 31st at 4pm

All performances are at Nichols Park

(1355 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615)

*All performances are FREE. Please consider registering so we can keep you updated on news of the event (note that your registration is not a ticket).

Photos by:

Wills Glasspiegel from The Era

"She Pick The Speed" is a representation of how masculine male energy can be supportive of the feminine presence that exists within dance and music,  and recognizing that presence which allows them to be in control of the space, equal to their own. Through heavily improved body motions and short, but lyrical soliloquy, let The Era take you on a pathway to a space where men and women both meet and support one another equally.

















The Era Footwork Crew are pioneers of the battle dance known as Chicago footwork. They have performed from Japan to Peru, dancing and choreographing alongside leading artists such as Chance the Rapper and DJ Rashad. Institutions like the Field Foundation, the University of Chicago, and the Joyce Foundation have recognized The Era with grants in support of the group's boundary-breaking artistic and social leadership. In their newest performance, The Era features dancers Jamal "Litebulb" Oliver, Sterling "Steelo" Lofton, Brandon "Chief Manny" Calhoun, Jemal "P-Top" De La Cruz, featuring P.I.C (Partners In The Circle) Diamond “Queen Diamond” Hardimon, and creative director Wills Glasspiegel. From Chatham to Tokyo, our work calls attention to the history of footwork across three generations of black dancers and also to the global scope of this history as footwork continues to develop and expand. In the words of the Chicago Tribune, which featured us in an Arts Section cover story: "The Era has taken footwork back for Chicago." - Chicago Tribune


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