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Scratch Night

Tuesday, June 4th, at 9pm

Hosted by Brittany Price Anderson

All performances are at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

Scratch Night is a showcase of what is brewing in Chicago’s physical theatre scene. Nine local artists/companies present ten minutes of new, experimental work. Scratch Night 2019 will be hosted by Brittany Price Anderson from Heels Over Head

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Brittany Price Anderson

Claire Saxe

Claire Saxe

The Love of Imitation

by Claire Saxe 

The world’s foremost socio-psychological emerging junior associate scholarly research fellow is here to deliver their first ever academic presentation and lead a controlled demonstration -- a demonstration in which things will certainly not get out of hand.

Garbaj flur snack.jpg

Danny Gadaj

Garbaj: La langue de l'amour est comme une chanson que je ne peux pas jouer au violon

by Danny Gadaj

Without a doubt one of the most expensive acts to fly into Chicago, Garbaj wishes that someone would finally describe him as any of the following: "exciting", "memorable", "burlesque", "a revolutionary artist". Garbaj brings an energy to the stage that makes you wish you spoke French (or that he did).

La Vuelta

La Vuelta Ensemble

Try to Be

by La Vuelta Ensemble

Directed by: Raquel Torre

"Everybody performs.
Everyday life is the spotlight we step into. Everyday people are the audience observing. Our act? Niceness, respectability, gender, intellect, etc... Anything that blocks the light from the shadow behind."
TRY TO BE is a different performative experience, without chairs or divisions between the audience and the performer. Described as "indoor street theatre", we're exploring our pretensions and secrets through play, high physicality, and delightful absurdity. In short, we're throwing a party, and we want, no, we need to show you that we are good people. The nicest, really!

Vanessa Valliere

Vanessa Valliere

The Guestlist

by Vanessa Valliere

Puppet designer: K.T. Shivak

It’s a birthday party! 
It’s time to celebrate! 
It’s time to dance!

Corn Moon Circus

Corn Moon Circus

The Odyssey

Performed and created by: Camille Swift, Jon Snyder, Char Numrych, Jaylon Britton, Christine Conroy, Jean-Carlos Claudio, Chloe Zabicki, Emily Perkins and Johanna Vargas

Written by: Travis Clark, Johanna Vargas and Camille Swift

Corn Moon Circus breathes epic life into this hero's journey under the big top in Humboldt Park this July. Join Odysseus and his boisterous crew's hilarious antics as they get marooned on and explore Circe's island


Abby Pajakowski and Will Sonheim

The First Universal Family Meeting

Performed by: Will Sonheim and Abby Pajakowski

Directed by: Sammy Zeisel

Welcome, sweet associates, to a communal experience celebrating life, love, and The Three Mostly Unbreakable Tenets of The First Universal Family Meeting. All are Welcome.

Rachel Posonby

Rachel Posonby

Comedy/Dance Sketches

by: Comedy Dance Chicago

The C:DC is a group of current, former, and almost dancers who celebrate movement-based comedy.

Special guest:

Virginia Davis Conducts Carmen

by Rachel Posonby

While working with Cirque Plume and Circus Ronaldo, Rachel Ponsonby has created her own universe of musical clowning through "Virginia Davis". Davis has conducted Carmen in Brazil, France, Belgium, Austria. This is her premiere in the United States.

Finding Hortensio; Or Love in the Time of Capitalism 
by: Laughing Stock Theatre
(Aaron Quick, Claire Proepper, Jeffrey Rubin, Martin Downs, Shea Lea, Steven Yandell; plus Emil Sueck, Niky Crawford, and Sarah Shoemaker)
An excerpt from this brand new, 2 hour devised commedia dell’arte piece following the trials and tribulations of traditional commedia characters in the modern world. Hortensio and his friend Arlecchino run a small YouTube channel, but Hortensio dreams of more, Brighella and Burrattino are here to make his channel a hit, but will his quest for the love of Isabella end his hopes of stardom? 

Host: Brittany Price Anderson

Founder and Co-Curator of Heels Over Head, Chicago's monthly physical performance variety show since October 2015

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