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Pangea (USA Preview)

3D immersive audio story

Episodes 1 + 2

Limbik Theatre

Written by Lorna French, Gaël Le Cornec, and BJT Samuels (Brazil, France, UK, USA)

Featuring the voices of Amelia Parillon, Claire Lacey, Dora Cruz, Yinka Awoni, and Nicole Sawyerr

On Sunday, August 1st at 2.30 pm CST we will have an Instagram Talk Live with Lorna French, Gaël LeCornec and BJT Samuels. @physicalfestival

Please consider donating to Limbik Theatre to help pay the creatives involved in making "Pangea".

Three women — three continents — one city.

Grace wakes up one morning to the sound of the dawn chorus of local birds calling her name.

Intrigued (and a little bit terrified), she embarks on a journey of discovery across Southeast London, aided by an eccentric English birder and an enigmatic Brazilian professor. Together, they will learn to listen to the past, and reshape the present.

Pangea is an episodic, interactive, immersive audio play, downloaded as an app, and designed to be experienced in and around your home. You'll need a smartphone and a pair of headphones.

Limbik make new theatre and live experiences in physical and digital space. Where the epic becomes intimate... and vice versa. The company's genre-defying work extends from visual storytelling and music theatre, to interactive fiction and immersive virtual reality, and celebrates ensemble, collaboration, and internationalism.

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