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Mindful Manipulations

Mindful Manipulations

by 3AM Theatre (NYC)

60 minutes

Saturday, July 31st at 6pm

All performances are at Nichols Park

(1355 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615)

All performances are FREE. Please consider registering so we can keep you updated on news of the event (note that your registration is not a ticket).


by 3 AM Theatre

Mindful Manipulations is the newest production of New York City based, 3AM Theatre. This performance is an exciting and empowering poetic program which showcases the beauty and logistics of conventional and unconventional objects in theatrical performances. This interactive presentation invites imagination, learning, and excitement. Through a combination of modern dance, contemporary circus, and physical theater three performers explore the intersection and boundaries of their respective art forms. Umbrellas fly, brooms have a mind of their own, juggling balls turn into music while an enormous kinetic sculpture mimics their experiences. Mindful Manipulations is created in collaboration with the comedic artistry of Co-Director/Co-Producer Robert Post, who has performed for audiences in countless settings including: Broadway’s New Victory Theatre, The Big Break Festival in Moscow, Festival International Chihuahua in Mexico and New York’s Lincoln Center Institute, Young Audiences, Artists-in-Schools and many more.


















3AM Theatre is a multidisciplinary performance company that explores the twilight hours. A place in time where dreams blend with reality, where strange things happen and latent truths can emerge. The company is the creative endeavor of performers Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo.


Performers: Performers: Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo

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