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Hominus Brasilis

by Cia Manual (Brazil)

60 min 


Hominus Brasilis was nominated for the Shell Theatre Award (most renowned theater awards in Brazil) in 2014 for Direction, and the Cesgranrio Theater Award in 2014 for a Special Category of Scenic Study.








The Show:

Hominus Brasilis tells the story of humanity in an unique way. The 5 actors use their bodies and vocal sound effects to tell important episodes in history. All scenes take place on a 5' by 3' platform with no scenery or props. This is an irreverent approach that allows the audience to easily identify icons and important moments in Human History.


The Company:

Cia. de Teatro Manual was born in 2010 when - Helena Marques and Matheus Lima were awarded by Funarte Exchange Residences in Performing Arts in 2010 and traveled to London to attend the Professional Development Program at the London International School of Peforming Arts.


Returning to Brazil Patricia Ubeda and Dio Cavalcanti joined the group. They began a practical research on physicality, the use of voice, theatre of images and devising theater. From this study they made a first scenic sketch called “Hominus”.


In 2013, actor and director Julio Adrião helped the company go deeper with language, the actor’s work and the scene. In 2014 the company debuts “Hominus Brasilis”. This was the first piece of the company (although its members have extensive work experience) and marked the beginning of the company’s trajectory in the theatrical setting, to great success among audiences and critics.


Due to the impact of the show, the Cia de Teatro Manual was invited to be part of a TV Show called “Chroniclers of Rio” part of Rio de Janeiro's TV Chanel - MULTIRIO. Every episode features a columnist from the city and Cia de Teatro Manual has to recriate theatrically, a column writen by that writer. The show airs nationally on the last Thursday of the month, on BAND RIO.

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