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by 3 AM Theatre


by 3AM Theatre (New York, Puerto Rico)

60 minutes

Wednesday, June 5th at 9pm

Thursday, June 6th at 9pm

All performances are at The Chopin Theater

(1543 W Division St)


Performers: Performers: Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo

Eventide is a multidisciplinary piece produced and performed by modern circus performer and dancer, Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo, that uses expressive movement, object manipulation, and contemporary, surreal scene-setting to expose the challenges we face in romantic relationships and relationships with ourselves.


The story begins in the ether and slowly narrows in on an apartment where we find a troubled couple awake despite the late hour. Soon we witness their disconnection unfold with the interplay between present interactions, interior monologues, and past memories.


With the future of their relationship at stake, they choose to explore a hovering, seductive void, one that’s accessible via inexplicable phenomena of the twilight hours. There in the void they move freely, without the weight of mental clutter, giving them a clarity that ultimately leads them toward redefining their individuality and partnership.

3AM theatre is the latest creative endeavor of two career performers, Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo.

Kyle and Andrea bring their respective experiences at storied institutions like Martha Graham Dance Company and Cirque du Soleil to 3AM where they are developing performances that explore both the intersection and the boundaries of their art forms. 

While the narrative and format changes with each performance, the viewer can expect an experience that transcends spectacle to challenge one’s relationship with everyday objects and universal sentiment.

Workshop Offering

Mindful Manipulations

Taught by 3 Am Theater (NY, PR)

Thursday, June 6th


Columbia College Chicago

(72 E. 11th St, Chicago, IL 60605)

For more information on Physical Festival workshops, click here.


Andrea Murillo is a creator, performer, and teacher currently living in New York City. Shortly after graduating from New World School of the Arts she began touring with the Martha Graham Dance Company in International and National Tours. During that time she performed solo roles such as Lamentation (1930), Serenata Morisca (1916), Embattled Garden (1958), and Steps in the Street (1936). Later in 2012 Andrea transitioned to New York’s “Sleep No More” and played numerous leading roles, including Lady Macbeth. Since then, Andrea has worked in collaboration Rosie Herrera, Miki Orihara, and Caterina Rago. She has also performed with the Instituto Nazionale Dramma Antico in Sicily for their productions of Le Baccanti and Prometeo. Andrea has had the pleasure of collaborating and creating theatrical events for companies such as Espolon, Dos Equis, The Knickerbocker Hotel, and Lululemon Lab @ The New Museum. She is a recent Master Interdisciplinary Arts Teacher with the National Young Arts Foundation and is certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Andrea is currently editing her dance film “Conduit ” and is in pre-production for her next film "Waves". Most recently, Andrea was casted in her first feature film directed by Carlos Cardona.  

For the past three years, Kyle Driggs has been exploring the spectrums and ideology of contemporary circus. Specializing in a unique fusion of juggling, movement, object manipulation, and theatrical persona, he strives for the convergence of modern aesthetic and high technical skill. Upon graduating from one of the worlds premier circus schools (Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montreal) Kyle rapidly began to receive international acclaim for his talent. His experience ranges from smaller, cross-genre, experimental productions to collaborations with larger, world-class circus companies. 

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