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by Cia Punto Clown & Compagnie Janvier (Spain, France & Mexico)


by Cia Punto Clown & Compagnie Janvier (Spain, France & Mexico)

   55 minutes

Thursday, July 16th, at 9pm Friday, July 17th, at 9pm

Saturday, July 18th, at 9pm

All performances are at Theater Wit
(1229 W. Belmont Ave.)

Workshop Offering


Taught by Cia Punto Clown & Compagnie Janvier (Turkey)


Friday, July 17th

10am to 1pm

For more information on Physical Festival workshops, click here.

Three self-taught officers engage in a very particular and original investigation, it consists in finding the problems with all solutions. Can they solve the riddle? - How to wear the badge and the universal bullshit at the same time? The absurd and the ridiculous will not kill you! Weapons, yes! but theirs are false... In any event, let us discover these officers unique in their methods, their behavior, their follies ...

"Brigada Dada" gives us the security of poetry, the only real solution, even if ephemeral, as prevention of insecurity in a society which prefers to develop video surveillance!

Compagnie Janvier (Le Cheylard-France) and Compañía Punto Clown (Valence, Spain) first co-produced the show “Vie clownjugale” which toured all over the world. The desire to work together again becomes a reality, with this new collective creation “Brigada Dadá” a burlesque-visual show without words. The world premiere took place during the XXI Mostra de Mim in Sueca (Spain) 2010 and has since toured in Europe, Latin America and will have it's north American debut at Physical Theater Festival.

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