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Crazy Glue

by Single Shoe Productions (UK, Portugal & USA)



"Performed with crisp flair"  The Guardian

★★★★ "Love hurts exquisitely" The Metro

★★★★ "touching...provocative...both playful and sad" A Younger Theatre


The Show:

A Tragicomedy About Loss

Inspired by Etgar Keret’s short story


They have a car in the garage, a chicken in the pot and a child on the way. But is that enough to make true love stick?


CRAZY GLUE follows the comedic roller coaster of a couple’s romance as they move from the blossoming of first love through to the thornier terrain of married life. Inspired by the physical comedy of Buster Keaton and the madcap absurdity of Looney Tunes, Single Shoe Productions create a fusion of silent film nostalgia and cartoon antics. The captivating cast of two blend vocal sound effects, quirky humor and an evocative 1930’s soundtrack to reveal the crazy, sticky, messy side of marriage.


Without using a single word CRAZY GLUE combines clowning, dance and mime into a universally accessible show guaranteed to enchant all ages and nationalities.


The Company:

Founded in 2011, London-based Single Shoe Productions combines theatre, circus, dance, and film into stories that are intercultural, inventive and playful. The company's first collaboration was the short film BROKEN ENCOUNTER, now being distributed by App Media (QuakQuak). Their first theatre piece CRAZY GLUE premiered to critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014 and is now touring the UK through 2015 and premiering in Germany at the Recklinghausen Festival. They are currently working on a new piece: Death - A Comedy (working title).



Filipa Tomas (Co-Founder / Deviser / Performer)

Originally from Portugal, Filipa lives in London. She trained at LISPA, the London International School of Performing Arts. While at LISPA, Filipa co-founded Relax Your Face Theatre Co. and toured their devised work throughout Europe. She performs regularly with Feeding The Fish, an international juggling and light performance act, whose credits include the London 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony and Cirque du Soleil. Alongside her roles as Co-Artistic Director for Single Shoe Productions she has also been First Assistant Director for Instant Film’s short Suspect and Director for Joshua Hayes’ music video The Fall.



Bradley Wayne Smith (Co-Founder / Deviser / Performer)

After graduating from The University of Iowa, Bradley was accepted into the acting apprenticeship program at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. He and two fellow apprentices then co-founded Theatre of a Thousand Juliets, an award-winning theatre company focused on creating new and re-imagined works for national and international audiences. In 2009, Bradley graduated from Naropa University with an MFA in Actor-Created Theatre. Now living in London, UK, he is Single Shoe Productions’ Co-Artistic Director and has collaborated with the award-winning Glass-Eye Theatre, Concert Theatre and Beggars Belief.

Photos by Alex Brenner

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