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Scratch Night 2015

Hosted by Michael Brown 

The Show:

We give 6 theater companies/artists 10 minutes to show what they are working on. Come take a look behind the curtain and witness what's next in contemporary, physical and visual Theater in Chicago.

Anna to the West

This piece is an excerpt of a family-friendly production that follows Anna Conway, a twelve year old girl, and her family as they journey on the Oregon Trail across the American landscape in 1843. 


Director and Creator: Jamie Olah

Movement Coach: Genesee Spridco

Performers: Danielle Gennaoui, Dan Plehal, Cindy Henkin, John Cartwright, Claire Bauman



Created and Performed by Flora Bare and Thomas Wynne


The Greatest Movie of All Time

Two red-nose clowns pitch a movie they wrote to a room of producers. 


Created and Performed by Jenelle Cheyne and Chad Haudge


Kiss with a Fist: A Relationship in 5 Acts

The evolution and story of a relationship told through movement, clown, and pantomime; all set to music which changes as sporadicly  as the relationship between two people can.


Created and Performed by Michelle Stine, Aileen McGroddy and Scott Ray Merchant.


Keep Austin Weird

Austin, Texas is a growing city. With great growth comes great identity crisises, can Austin keep it's funky and cool ascetic or will corporations take over this "coolness?" Mort Jemson would like to see that this eccentric piece of Texas stays that way, eccentric! 


Created and Performed by Thomas Kelly


One of the newest additions to the Aura Curiatlas Physical Theatre repertoire. It may be included in ACPT's Links Hall performance, DREAM LOGIC, July 24-26.


Created by Joan Gavaler & Dan Plehal

for Aura Curiatlas Physical Theatre

Performed by Dan Plehal

Photos by Dan Plehal

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