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Frank Wurzinger (Germany)

Created and Performed by Frank Wurzinger

Directed by John Wright

Friday, June 2nd at 9pm

Saturday, June 3rd at 9pm

Sunday, June 4th at 7pm CANCELLED

Tuesday June 6th at 9pm Extra Performance

Tickets bought for the Sunday show will be refunded or honored for the Tuesday performance. 

All performances are at Stage 773
(1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

The Confetti Maker is a day in the life of a full-time confetti factory worker. Full of optimism, he pursues his profession: making confetti. He cuts, perforates, and shreds all day, every day. But he has ambitions, dreams and fears far beyond the mundane factory life: romance, love, family...

The Confetti Maker is a highly visual clown performance. It combines slapstick, puppetry, absurd storytelling, improvisation and, of course, lots of small bits of paper, which are expertly woven into a humorous, yet poignant show.


Directed by award winning physical theatre director John Wright (Trestle, Told by an Idiot), supported by the Arts Council England and Jackson's Lane.

Workshop Offering

Join this artist for Clown: Play and Presence on Tuesday, June 6th.

For more information on Physical Festival workshops, click here.

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