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A Little Business at The Big Top
by David Gaines (Washington DC)


"...a small miracle of imagination...part Chaplin, part Looney Tunes and more than a little Cirque de Soleil. Clowning, in other words, of a high order.

- NUVO Indianapolis


"...riotous...rollicking... an acrobatic genius..."

-Washington Post


"Bravura Storytelling, nothing less"

-Orlando Sentinel


"A tour de force of movement. See it"

-The Conveyor Cincinnati

The Show:

A tour de force of movement, imagination, and comic detail - by the creator of the five star, multi-award winning “7 (x1) Samurai”. Energetic audacity and spectacular physical comedy.


One actor creates – using only his body and the audience’s imagination – the tent, the ring, the acts, the crowd … the pooper-scooper who dreams of the high wire ballerina … the brutal ringmaster … the fight …the thrilling escape across the high wire …the faithful dog, the monkey, and of course the clowns!


A fast-paced Circus comedy of danger and romance - like Popeye meets Chaplin in a Bugs Bunny cartoon!


The Performer:

David Gaines is multi award winner performer. He is a graduate of, and former teacher at, the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris.  He is also a founding member of The Moving Picture Mime Show – a movement theatre company based in London that toured the world for 10 years.


In addition to his own performances, he teaches acting at George Mason University (Fairfax), and works for Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care Unit, as a clown in Children’s Hospitals in DC and Baltimore.


His two most recent solo performance pieces are:  “A Little Business At the Big Top”, and “7 (x 1) Samurai”, which has toured from Vancouver to Tel Aviv, and won many awards.  


Photo by Susan Thompson-Gaines

Graphics by Jonathan Benham


All other Photographs of this show were taken by Ruth Rado

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