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by Aura CuriAtlas

A Life with no Limits

by Aura CuriAtlas (USA - Chicago, Virginia)

60 minutes

Monday, June 3rd at 7pm

Tuesday, June 4th at 7pm

All performances are at Stage 773
(1225 W. Belmont Ave.)


Created by: Joan Gavaler, Mickey Lonsdale, Dan Plehal

Performers: Dan Plehal, Fiona Wren, Joan Gavaler, Mickey Lonsdale, Richie Schiraldi

Workshop Offering

The Art of Human Playgrounds

Taught by Aura CuriAtlas (USA)


Wednesday, June 5th 

Columbia College Chicago

(72 E. 11th St, Chicago, IL 60605)

For more information on Physical Festival workshops, click here.

A Life With No Limits is inspired by the life and work of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. It is created in the company’s signature style blending dance, theatre, and acrobatics with original music composed by Sophia Serghi. This story is told wordlessly and reflects on the determination, passion, and sense of humor of someone who has severe physical limitations, yet has an imagination that is able to roam free. The narrative follows the protagonist from younger days with full mobility and a lust for life, through diagnosis and onset of physical disease, to moments of desperation and hopelessness when the choice must be made to succumb to the black hole that life has presented or found a way to escape the black hole’s unbeatable gravitational pull. Throughout that journey, he escapes into his mind where he can move more freely and where the other bodies on stage become objects in the universe or elements in an equation that he can manipulate with ease.



“An incredible tribute to Stephen Hawking, A Life With No Limits, was a true gem. We were stunned by the raw emotion and the contrast between the fluid leaps of a genius mind versus the obstacles and frustrations of mobility with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)."

Bonnie Kenaz-Mara, ChiIl Events, July 2017



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